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Preserving Beauty: A Renaissance in Peril


Climate Change

Preserving Beauty: A Renaissance in Peril art concept addresses the pressing environmental issues facing the iconic city of Venice. Through a series of 11 pieces of art, I illustrate the devastating consequences of inaction in the face of rising sea levels and chronic flooding.

Using the rich visual language of Venetian figurative art, I depict beloved landmarks and historic sites, such as the venues of the famous Biennale, submerged beneath the waters. Through these stark images, I aim to convey the urgent need for action to save not only the physical city of Venice, but also the invaluable cultural heritage it represents.

As a symbol of hope and resilience, I also incorporate the image of the white lily, the Italian national symbol and a recurring motif in Renaissance masterpieces. This serves as a reminder that, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, there is always the possibility for preservation and renewal.

A Renaissance in Peril is a thought-provoking art concept that calls attention to the urgent need for action to save one of the world's most beloved cultural treasures.

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