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Irina Raicu is an international award-winning creative technologist, artist and fashion designer passionate about the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While her formal education took her down the path of Computer Science, obtaining a PhD in Business Informatics specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), her heart has always been drawn to the arts.

Growing up in an environment imbued with creativity, she discovered her love for artistic expression and fashion design at a young age. Her first foray into the world of fashion began in her mother’s atelier where she used to design and create clothes for children.


As a creative technologist working with AI since the early days of its development (2019), she has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects that leverage the capabilities of artificial neural networks in the creative industries. Her artworks and fashion designs have made the rounds on international platforms and have been highlighted by Forbes and the international press. As an award-winning fashion designer, she has been recognized by Tommy Hilfiger, L’Oreal and other international brands.

Additionally, she developed her own custom bot that can recognize her artistic style: FashionDesigner bot available on GPT store.

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Machines may not think or feel, but in human hands, they become instruments of beauty.


  • 2024, Brooklyn Fashion Week

  • 2023, Chroma Flora exhibition at Estufa Fria, Lisbon

  • 2023, BEAUTYV3RSE by L'Oreal, The Hug, New York

  • 2023, 77 years back NFT project in collaboration with the world's first state-governed

NFT Marketplace powered by MultiversX, Link:

  • 2023, AI Fashion Week, Soho House, New York

  • 2023, The Fashion DAO Show during NFT.NYC

  • 2023, NFC Lisbon Showcase, Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2023, NFT.BUCHAREST Showcase - Bucharest, Romania

  • 2022, Faces of a New World, ArtMine

  • 2021, The Art of Self-Regulation, Group Exhibition, London, UK, October 2021

In her artistic creation, she emphasizes the effects of climate change. Her artworks serve as a call to action, urging individuals, communities, and governments to address this global crisis. Her art concept delivers a powerful and poignant message, reminding us of the pressing need to combat climate change and its detrimental impact on our planet. Her purpose goes far beyond raising awareness as it aims to inspire and engage people, motivating them to take action to safeguard our environment and secure our future.

In addition to her deep dedication to climate change art, Irina explores collaborations and conceptual projects with renowned fashion brands. These endeavors provide a canvas for her innovative ideas, propelling the boundaries of fashion design and forging new paths of expression.

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