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Balenciaga x Nestle



The integration of technology, specifically #AI, plays a crucial component in the creation of a fashion collection.

AI allows to reduce the time and effort required to design new fashion ideas while exploring a virtually limitless range of possibilities.

Not only is AI efficient, but it also offers valuable insights into consumer preferences, allowing brands to test designs before mass production to ensure they resonate with their target audience.

In light of the fashion industry being one of the largest polluters in the world according to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, utilizing AI in the design process can also contribute to a more #sustainable future for the industry. By testing designs virtually, it reduces the need for physical prototypes and minimizes waste in the long run.

As an AI fashion designer, I imagined how BALENCIAGA's avant-garde advanced pieces could be inspired by the iconic design of KitKat wrappers from Nestlé.

This concept is not for commercial use.

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